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Taco Tuesday Seasoning, 201 Servings

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Condition: New

Taco Tuesday Seasoning

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  • 141g

Product Description

At last, I was finally able to produce the long awaited Taco seasoning! My customers from around the world have been asking me to create a taco seasoning since the day I launched my website. I didn't want to create just another taco seasoning because my customers deserve better. I wanted to develop an experience in a bottle! This is by far one of the most user friendly seasonings I've ever created. I blended robust herbs with mild and aromatic spices with a finish of crushed red chili peppers. Heat the level is mild but the flavor is bold! Feel free to use it in any dish you like because now everyday can be Taco Tuesday! Get yours today while supplies last and thank you so much everyone for your continued enthusiasm and support for my seasonings!

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