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Protein Isolate 2, 2lbs

Product Code: 099071007803
Condition: New

Combination of two different vegetable proteins, derived from wheat and peas

RM 125.00


RM 125.00


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  • 2lbs

Product Description

Longer-lasting Formula
Delicious Ultimate Nutrition® Protein Isolate 2 is a combination of two different vegetable proteins, derived from wheat and peas, which have different absorption rates. This extended-release blend provides your body with high-quality nutritional support over an extended periods of time.†

All the Essential Amino Acids

With the addition of pea protein isolate, Ultimate Nutrition® Protein Isolate 2 offers a more complete and balanced amino acid profile, including all the essential amino acids and 100% naturally-occurring BCAAs.

Suitable for Vegans ~ No Animal Anything
Ultimate Nutrition® Protein Isolate 2 provides the benefits of dairy proteins, but contains no lactose, no cholesterol, and no milk or soy allergens. To help aid in digestion and absorption, Protein Isolate 2 is enhanced with three digestive enzymes†: protease, bromelain and papain, all of which are derived from non-animal sources.


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