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Italian Zest Seasoning, 201 Servings

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Condition: New

Italian Zest Seasoning

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  • 113g

Product Description

Italian Seasoning is one of those flavors that is close to my heart. While growing up, my mom used Italian seasoning on just about everything. The aroma coming from the kitchen was so amazing because of the aromatic herbs like basil, thyme and oregano. I crafted FlavorGod Italian Zest to resonate like a traditional Italian seasoning while possessing the signature progression offlavors my Combo Packs are known for. Italian Zest is full of aromatics herbs along with a perfect balance of mild chiles, garlic, and a pinch of sea salt to create an everyday Italian seasoning that can be used for breakfast, lunch dinner, and for traveling foodies. My new FlavorGod Italian Zest will add the flavors of an authentic Italian kitchen to your dishes.

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